Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Finds Wednesday

 A fresh flock of our leather owl bags has landed at Whimsy!
We have all the great colors, so stop in or call and you can have your own!
 Just in is this amazing wood painted sign!
Just the right amount of wear, this sign can't help but make you smile.
 Above is a heavy cardboard and paper game/sign. Love the colorful graphics.
 Signs, metal sign letters, vintage croquet art--Whimsy has lots of fun for your walls.
New this week are these vintage teak Adirondack chairs with retractable foot rests. They have been refreshed in some cool white paint. Take a look at the 1953 "Sea Nymph" lamp! Gorgeous turquoise with
hints of red peeking through. And, the fun vintage table below her, is a perfect table to fill a little nook.
                          A cute little vintage chest, some mid century finds,  and an Eiffel Tower lamp!
 An instant collection of vintage sand pails!
 Amazing vintage ties just came in...
 This deer head, has just the right amount of shabbiness--it has a great look!
 Yesterday, I had so many customers from France! This, my friends, is for you!
A great antique game from France.
 Need any replacements for your Fiesta ware? We have a few pieces left and a great Bauer bowl.
 Wonderful vintage dress and that glider would be perfect to enjoy these last few weeks of Summer!
 I am truly a lover of vintage children's books as I adore the graphics.
This says it all!
If you see anything you are interested in, don't hesitate to call or drop an email.

Or, just drop a line and say "Hi"!!
Hope to see you soon at Whimsy!


Bradleys Barn said...

As always lovin every thing on your blog.
The lamp is to die for as for the buckets and spades im in love with the small one on the right.
Any thing with a graphical grabs my attention.
Hope your day is full of sunshine


Whimsy Antiques said...

We have the same taste , for sure!
Thanks for your comments and feedback, Karen! I am enjoying your art every day ! Thanks!!