Saturday, December 26, 2009

happy holidays from my family to you !!!!

Cheers to a wonderful holiday season and a healthy and happy new year!

Repurposed and revived

I see lidless things and my mind goes to flowers.

23rd Wedding Anniversay at the beach

On December 14, Alan and I celebrated our 23rd Anniversary. It was a Monday morning and we decided to go finish our project at the beach that we had started in the Summer and wanted to find a remote piece of pacific. We knew just where to go and our bliss was found. All the elements of Santa Barbara came together that day and gave us an escape we needed even if it was just an hour or so. It was peaceful and perfect. Cheers to my husband, my best friend, and soulmate.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Whimsy Anniversary Sale December 5

Please join us for our Anniversary Sale December 5 @ 11:00 a.m.

Lots of holiday ideas for everyone on your list, including yourself...

Refreshments to nibble on and bargains in both Whimsy locations!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Whimsy's Giant Hippo...and Avocado!

Meet our newest mascot, the 1950's hippo who will be happy to greet you soon!
We created the huge papier mache avocado for our Avocado Festival window!


cayla and her best buddy, ryan toasting (waters!) to their sophomore year!

Owen Plant of the Sunshine Brothers @ First Friday

The amazing Owen Plant of the Sunshine Brothers

performed at a recent First Friday at the Seal Fountain!
The audience loved his style and we will have him back in the Spring!

Until then, please pop into Whimsy on Linden and buy one of his cd's!

The Getty Museum

We brought Cayla some things for her Westwood abode, and we decided to have lunch at the Getty Museum just a few moments from UCLA.
Here is my family headed up to a lovely cafe.

We saw the European masters paintings, but their works of art don't stand a
candle to my favorite creations, Cayla and Ethan!

The gardens are magnificent...

Ethan thought he would trip a passing runner.

First Friday November in Carpinteria

Being on the Carpinteria First committee, I have the pleasure of scouting out and hiring local talent to perform at our First Fridays. In November, we had the amazing young singer/songwriter, Emily Rath play at the Seal Fountain venue!
Three young girls found themselves dancing to the infectious music that Emily Rath
wrote and sang for her audience!

Jaret Campisi was also playing this clear Friday night, and his voice and talent wowed all
the audience for the rest of the event!
Both Emily and Jaret sold their cd's at First Friday, and Whimsy will be carrying all the
First Friday musician's cd's in the Linden location! Come check out these talented performers!
Hope to see you at the next First Friday in December where we have fantastic talent lined up!

Whimsy meeting and Welcome back to Lori

At one of our Whimsy meetings, we welcomed back Lori--

our beloved manager who had been sick for months!

Carpinteria Avocado Festival 2009 !

When 100,000 people come to a festival, it's gotta be fun!
Carpinteria welcomed the happy guacomole loving visitors with open arms!

What a fun way to welcome Fall and enjoy the creativity of food vendors
and crafters from all over !

Whimsy had fun making and selling these original design magnets in both shops

I thought these sets were amazing !

If you haven't made it to one of the Avo Festivals in Carpinteria, mark your

calendar for the first weekend in October. It is really a blast!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jerry's Deli

A quick visit to LA to visit Cayla brought us to the kid's favorite in Westwood..

Jerry's Deli
Notice Ethan's ColitiScope t shirt--it was a gift from the author
of a great book of the same name. It covers Crohn's Disease and Colitis.
Ethan and my Mom have Crohn's.

Apple picking with my boys...

A short drive up the coast we found Classic Organic farm on a picture perfect Fall day!

Alan and Ethan ventured out o the pumpkins to have a look.

I love a barn with a peace sign logo!

We took a lovely picnic to Gainey Vineyards and laughed a lot....

and drank not one drop of wine!

Ethan is almost 16 and isn't fond of photos..but I had to!

Sure, it's California, but there are a few trees that change!

Next we headed to pick some apples

This lucky horse must get lots , he sure got a few from Ethan!