Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Treasure Hunt at the Beach ?!!!!

Living in Santa Barbara never gets old.

Our family loves the ocean and me, being a Pisces, is certainly

drawn to the water as often as possible.

My son is a counselor this wee at Camp Wheez, a camp for asthmatic children

and after we drop him off, we head to a favorite beach and take along our

beach cruisers for some treasure hunting...and exercise.

We love sea glass, and I must admit, this week we have hit it great!

The tide pools have been magnificent!

Sea Stars clinging in brilliant colors...

Every so often we park and scout for treasures, like sea glass and....

Hey, what's that??

It appears to be a covering from a patio umbrella that

is all hand tied with palm fronds...

The color and textures mesmerize us.

Now we are thinking of a million Whimsy ideas.

Remember our motto--Reuse, Recycle, repurpose.

We have to have it! Wait we are on our bikes.

Oh, we will figure out a way....

Alan starts by picking it up...

Then, he takes off his overshirt and cleverly figures things out...

He ties it tightly around our treasure...

And lifts it over his shoulder...

And manages to balance the bike for a long ride back...

There he goes! Boy, did he get lots of stares.

Where there's a will, there's a way..Right!

I will keep you posted on how we repurpose our treasure in Whimsy!

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