Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Fun in store at {WHIMSY}

Lot's of delicious vintage finds in both the shops!

Here's a quick peek at the Whimsy on Linden.

Vintage cameras always in stock! Great for decor or for using!

Check out the awesome graphics of this antique sheet music!

Got some fun tote bags, with nautical images

recycled out of coffee sacks!

A whole rack of vintage cashmere sweaters!

Hollywood vintage glitz!

Cool old bins!

An array of doll heads!

Great decor items!

Plate racks, vintage paint by numbers, cool old Schwinn!

Cool ol' colorful trims!

Copper concepts!

Vintage dresses and lots of school maps!

Stacks of vintage goodies...

Vintage advertising signs...

Vintage sign letters...........

More vintage ads and signs!

Friday, June 24, 2011

How about a Seaside Wedding?

Having our stores located in the gorgeous seaside town of Carpinteria, California

has inspired a number of themes and windows in our two Whimsy shops.

We thought a beach or seaside wedding window was perfect for June and all

the weddings that happen around this time...

This window has been popular with our customers so far--we have sold many vintage wedding

toppers, and mercury glass seashell candle holders and some old galvanized buckets

with chalkboards painted right on for a number of great concepts you might dream of!

We have always rented our vintage items to some catalogs that shoot around

here like to the great folks at Pottery Barn, and with all the recent requests to

do so, we have officially launched our vintage rental program!

Come on in, get inspired, and take a look at some great

vintage items you may want for your wedding or event !

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where did our followers vanish to, dear blogspot?

We were so honored to have you following our blog and there was a major

glitch with blogland, and all our followers have disappeared.

We would be so very happy if you would kindly sign up to follow us again,

it's lonely here without you!

Thanks so much,


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Urban Habitat

An inspirational building with high woodbeamed warehousy ceilings,

is the home to a great furniture and decor business called Urban Home.

We found ourselves there by chance in Burbank, CA.

In between my dreaming of having a Whimsy in this cool space, I admired the feel of the

dark woods and eclectic accessories.

My eyes were open for a cool new light for our dining room and you will

see some really fun ones here!

The wall art was different and really graphic.
Loved the mirrored effect of this grid!

I asked the man working about this straw hanging light which

was more than fun and wild but he wasn't able to locate a price for me!

Needless to say, I am always drawn to the vintage looking

decor! Loved the clockface/mirror.

If you are ever in Burbank, take a stroll into this fun large space

filled to the brim with new, but really cool decor.