Monday, September 10, 2012

My bags are packed!

 I have been counting down the months, weeks, days and now it is a matter of hours!
I will be headed to JUNK BONANZA  on Wednesday and am over the top excited!
So looking forward to see the creativity of this show, the amazing finds I will be bringing back to Whimsy,
and finally meeting some wonderful folks I have been in touch with for quite some time like Cammie, that makes the wonderful license plate pendants we carry at Whimsy, and Ki, the editor of Flea Market Style magazine (darn, I missed her when she visited both shops earlier this year) we all love so much, and the creator of Junk Bonanza--to name a few!
 While we are on this short trip, please stop in and see our latest finds we have in both stores, like the 
grey wood cubby unit with drawers, above and the amazing folk art bird house!

 We have lots of vintage pyrex in both shops!
 High top red Converse just for fun!
 And vintage luggage, I may be nabbing to fill with treasures from Minnesota!

More exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our new website is being constructed as I write this, and if there is anything you would like to see as part of our website, please let me know. I would love your ideas!  We are excited to have a new website that will reflect Whimsy, with lots of vintage fun !!

See you soon,