Friday, December 6, 2013

Try some WHIMSY for the Holidays!

 Ok, we are sure you can get creative with these fun vintage legs! Perhaps a shelf or a plant holder or maybe you have that space high up in your wall that just needs "something fun and different" !!
 Our license plate pendants are a staple at Whimsy and are the perfect gift for anyone and of course, YOU!  The back has a vintage snippet of a map or an illustration from a book under glass.
 Our galvanized signs come in 3 words: EAT, home and love.  They are surprisingly lightweight so give a jingle if you want one shipped!
 The antique shutters are shaped like wings and with some super creativity, they would add such a fun touch to your home, or even just mounted on the wall on either side of a mirror or window or??
 How about some elves to help you get into the Holiday spirit? These are so fun!
 We are all about recycling at Whimsy and these recycled dominoes are made into the cutest pendants. We have 20 different images to chose from! Did someone say Stocking Stuffers?!
 Whooooo on your list loves owls?  An oversized owl planter and our owl leather purses are adorable.
Some recent finds pictured above!  We love hunting and are always on the lookout for fun finds to bring to Whimsy so that you can be sure you will find great things every time you visit!
Happy Holidays from all of us at Whimsy!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A vintage Fall is in the air at Whimsy

 So embarrassed at how much time has lapsed since our last blog post! Since Instagram---which we post on nearly every day (hint hint--PLEASE follow us!!) blogging has taken a temporary back seat.  But alas, here we are with lots of fun to show you some finds now in Whimsy! Both shops are decked out for FALL!
 As soon as I put a pic of this quilt on Instagram, it sold and is going to Connecticut!  Did I suggest you follow whimsyantiques on Instagram?  It is strongly suggested!!  There are lots of vintage quilts that Ranell just brought in to our 7th Street Whimsy!
 Orange is the New Black at our Whimsy on Linden!
 We have a few of these cute metal picture holders that have many uses! Put one in your art studio to hold inspiration or in your child's room so they can put their own art to cherish!
 The California signs by a California artist sell pretty quickly.  They are on vintage barnwood and very well made!

 The papier mache cat head is oversized and is equipped to have a light inside to make the eyes glow.

Below is another cool California Bear design done by another California artist. We carry these in many color variations and they have been very popular!



The recycled art of the Whale is a great touch for any seaside theme.

Hope your Autumn is going great and we look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon!
Feel free to email if we can answer any questions!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Finds in Whimsy and Instant gratification

 Sometimes we come across a lot of silly things. Recently I came across a huge bag of children's
plastic glasses with noses and these particular ones had mustaches and eyebrows!
For a few weeks we enjoyed handing these out to kids and they LOVED getting something free!
 It is amazing how utilitarian things such as hangers are indeed works of art. Imagine the time it took to crochet a hanger. I think they are so lovely.
 Both the shops are loaded with suitcases and we still love stacking them up
and repurposing them for all kinds of creative uses.
 Laurinda has a fan club and as soon as she brings in a fresh load, it vanishes within days!
Her creativity and themes are so inspiring and we all enjoy her displays.
 Another creative genius is Heidi and her space at Whimsy on 7th is filled to the brim
with creativity and recycled denim marvels! From lamp shades to wallets, Heidi is certainly the QUEEN of DENIM!
 A very popular item at Whimsy are the wine barrel peace signs and wine barrel hearts.
Come check them out--they are great wall art indoors or out on the patio.
 Gale has an amazing collection of vintage prom gowns! Prom season (or maybe a Spring party)
is almost here so come check ou the super selection of vintage happiness!
 So many vintage treasures await your scoping in Gales spaces at both Whimsy locations!
 A fantastic vintage sideboard is currently at Whimsy on Linden.
 We have been bringing in lots of pastels for Spring and there is a great new Vintage garden space absolutely filled with pastels to warm up your Spring decor--inside and out!

 Love the vintage sail at Whimsy on 7th Street!
 Like I said before, Heidi is a whiz with the denim creations and you will want to grab some of these precious denim bunnies for Easter and Spring decorating!
It has been too long since I posted on our blog, and I have a new obsession and I am hoping you will
want to join in the fun!
It is called Instagram and honestly, it is INSTANT gratification.  I snap a pic with my phone and
put images on Instagram and Facebook. If you want daily glimpses into the shops and the latest finds, as well as pretty places I find and even my home--- take a peek or follow our Instagram:
Hope to see you soon in Whimsy!