Thursday, May 26, 2011

A doll of YARD SALE I went to....!

Every year a remote neighborhood has a multi house neighborhood sale

and a few weeks ago, we headed out to this year's version.

It was really a huge disappointment BUT, we walked up a steep driveway to find

the most amazing doll collection I had ever seen in my zillion yard sales I have been to.

I am not a doll person, but can you imagine how long it took to set up her displays?

They were priced for a high end auction, not a yard sale,

so I admired, asked to snap a few pics--then hopped

in our truck to see if we could locate some amazing

treasures somewhere else for our Whimsy shops!

I don't think I ever get tired of Saturday fact I

often dream on Friday nights about hitting the perfect sales

and scoring fun fun old finds. Some weekends are dreadful and we come back with very

little--while others we have so much pouring out the sides of the truck--that we have to run home and drop off a load and head out to pick up the rest.

It's almost Friday and ...then you guessed is Saturday morning and I

get to do my favorite thing----HUNT and GATHER! I love my shopping days!

Good luck to all of you, my fellow bloggers who love the thrill of the hunt, just like me.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring into Whimsy for some New Finds!

Our window on Linden features a vintage Schwinn bike with

lots of baskets ready to fill with farmer's market goodies or flowers or beach gear!

Check out this fantastic beauty college vintage suitcase that

is lined with an amazing blue and white polka dot liner!

I am in love with the all original chippy white

antique cabinet that once belonged to a begonia

farmer and hasn't been moved from his farm in 90 years!

Our country garden display welcomes you to our store

at 962 Linden Ave. We have 2 wonderful bell cloches displayed in and on the cabinet.

Look at the huge one on top left of the vintage cabinet!

Our very own copyrighted A, B, Seas...that Alan and I created!

You can choose from our original photos and spell out any word.

4x6 photos are $2.95 each and we will gladly ship to you!

Choose from, sea glass, driftwood, seashells, seaweed, sand, and

pebbles letters! Give us a call. These are mighty popular!

Some great new finds in our vintage clothing spaces.

Cool dresses and cowboy boots, always!

Find some cool coastal decor!

Several different sizes and styles of our seahorses!

We have fun mermaids, too!

Love the selection of totes in both or shops. A new shipment from London

just in of unique totes! Check them out at Whimsy at 5042 7th Street!

How about this 50's trike for your little one?

Love the original paint and this puppy is solid!

They don't make 'em like this anymore!

Love the Swan table, too! Original paint and decal. Perfect for a bedside

table or in the living room next to your fave chair!

Hope to see you soon at WHIMSY Antiques!

{2 stores---2 styles}

5042 7th Sreet

962 Linden Avenue

Carpinteria, California

open every day at both stores!

Call us if you see something you want shipped

(805)684-1222 or (805)684-7211