Thursday, May 26, 2011

A doll of YARD SALE I went to....!

Every year a remote neighborhood has a multi house neighborhood sale

and a few weeks ago, we headed out to this year's version.

It was really a huge disappointment BUT, we walked up a steep driveway to find

the most amazing doll collection I had ever seen in my zillion yard sales I have been to.

I am not a doll person, but can you imagine how long it took to set up her displays?

They were priced for a high end auction, not a yard sale,

so I admired, asked to snap a few pics--then hopped

in our truck to see if we could locate some amazing

treasures somewhere else for our Whimsy shops!

I don't think I ever get tired of Saturday fact I

often dream on Friday nights about hitting the perfect sales

and scoring fun fun old finds. Some weekends are dreadful and we come back with very

little--while others we have so much pouring out the sides of the truck--that we have to run home and drop off a load and head out to pick up the rest.

It's almost Friday and ...then you guessed is Saturday morning and I

get to do my favorite thing----HUNT and GATHER! I love my shopping days!

Good luck to all of you, my fellow bloggers who love the thrill of the hunt, just like me.

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