Friday, March 25, 2011

Look what's hatchin' at Whimsy!

I instantly fell in love with these adorable face pillows that are screenprinted.
I have a HUGE collection of vintage children's books because I love illustrations.
These pillows are certainly inspired from such books and lovingly handmade and would
be awesome in a child's room thrown on a bed or a chair.
I can see young children playing with them, naming them and enjoying them adorning
their sweet rooms. Each face has a personality with different hair color and some with freckles .
I arranged them in our "Spring" inspired window at Whimsy on Linden, and my original
idea was to have the "Moms" in bird costimes, as if they hatched the adorable pillows--
but I went with fun aqua vintage linen dresses and a simple stated
window to make the faces be the focal point!
Hurry in to see and take home some unique pillows and see what else is hatchin'
at our two Whimsy stores!