Friday, November 19, 2010

Wear Your Vintage Hat Sneak Peek Holiday Sale

Please join us on First Friday in Carpinteria
at both Whimsy stores! We will be hosting a very fun and very cool
"Wear Your Vintage Hat to our Sneak Peek Holiday Sale"
What a mouthful--but let's talk about what this is all about!
Dec. 3, from 5-8 p.m.---head over to Whimsy Antiques in a vintage hat you already have
or find one in granny's closet OR purchase one that we have at our Whimsy on Linden!
We have a great selection!

Wearing your hat is your "passport" to the festivities we have planned!
You will be entered in our $50 Gift Certificate Drawing held at each store!
You will recieve SALE prices with your hat on on Friday night
on any goodies you find that are on sale!!
There will be yummy treats, of course!
There will be smiling faces and good times !
Bring a few friends or make some new ones!
Men and women --grab your vintage hat and
put it on! You won't want to miss this!
See you Friday, December 3 from 5-8 p.m.
{Thanks to Cheryl, our lovely dealer for her modelling some hats!}
Whimsy Antiques
5042 7th Street~ Carpinteria 805.684.7211
962 Linden Avenue~ Carpinteria 805.684.1222
And if you cannot make it to the Sneak Peek--no fear--the Holiday Sale is
December 4--Saturday 11-5 p.m.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Window shopping and Whimsy customers!

and industrial too

in both stores, black and white and...

holidays are coming

we have many beautiful pieces to help you prepare

for serving or for setting

Come in to see what's new 'in store' !

More Whimsy news:

Maria, of Just me again stopped in our shop and had the nicest things to say! here in her words (and with her permission of course) :

'The next day, we went vintage shopping at the cutest little shops in Carpinteria; stopped by Starbucks, had breakfast/lunch at a local spot and then headed back home. One of my favorite shops is called Whimsy. They have dozens of vintage cameras to fall in love with! I ended up getting a tiny brownie holiday camera. The cutest thing ever! '

Thank you Maria! Come back soon!

We've redone our windows

Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Secret Sale at Whimsy on 7th!

Here we go again!
Please check out Karen's space on 7th and you will find
some amazing deals!
This sale just started and
everything in the room is now 30% off!
Why, you may ask? Well,
inspiration has hit and a very spectacular project is underway for this
room and I need your help to unload it.
(details about the new project will be unveiled here
as soon as possible--meaning room is emptied!)
But look at all these items--amazing deals!

Come to Whimsy at 5042 7th Street in Carpinteria and
take home some vintage happiness!

Open every day 11-5
Or, if you see something that peaks your interest in these photos,
or call us and we can ship it to you!

Two Words to live by............

BUY JUNK! Need I say more?
We all love to find it, love to display it, love to make things
out of it, and love to share it on our blogs!
Whether they are collections or fabulous furniture,
ones man's junk is more than likely going to be my treasure!
I absolutely love the thrill of the hunt!
Tell me what you look for!
Come check out our new shipments at both Whimsy locations!