Friday, September 4, 2009

Katherine Andjelopolj (Lavelle) visits Whimsy!

It was if a ray of sunshine entered our shop recently. Lovely Katherine Andjelopolj (Lavelle)

from Johannesburg, South Africa paid us a visit and purchased a lovely vintage floral pin and a bracelet to complete her already, vibrant outfit. She told us she is an artist and we enjoyed her colorful and friendly peronality! Thanks for being the Whimsy customer of the Month!

Our beach treasure FRAMED at Whimsy

Our window displays were slated for renewing...
So, I decided to use the beach treasure I blogged about last month that we found
on the beach.

Jody of Brin and Nohl had a clever idea...

We decided to frame some of the treasure and use it as
background pieces of our natural seaside window display.

We used old cool frames and simply stapled to the back of the frame.

Great idea, Jody! Thanks!

Could a Country Girl Live in the City?

There's a new condo complex on Chapala in Santa Barbara...
Every angle you look is awe inspiring, and simply the
most attractive city living I have ever seen.

The architect's vivid imagination is seen on every ceiling...

and floor!

The iron railings are amazing, the light fixtures amusing...

The tile work on a bench out front is whimsical...

I love the organic feel of these critters that adorn another ceiling!

I must return at night to view the shadows and how the lights

illuminate this Santa Barbara treasure!

The walls are not flat, no way! They are textural and the shadows play

and skip around so your eyes are treated constantly.

Hmmm, yes, I think this country girl could be right at home in this condo

creation done by Jeff Shelton.

After all, doesn't it just say WHIMSY all over it?!