Friday, September 4, 2009

Katherine Andjelopolj (Lavelle) visits Whimsy!

It was if a ray of sunshine entered our shop recently. Lovely Katherine Andjelopolj (Lavelle)

from Johannesburg, South Africa paid us a visit and purchased a lovely vintage floral pin and a bracelet to complete her already, vibrant outfit. She told us she is an artist and we enjoyed her colorful and friendly peronality! Thanks for being the Whimsy customer of the Month!


Anonymous said...

Karen - what a wonderful blog - I had no idea you owned whimsy antiques! You guys have such cute and unique items - I will have to stop by Carp sometime soon to check out what's new. Talk to you soon! Katie

Carla B. Reeves said...

Hi Karen,
I love Whimsy Antiques (so appropriately named!), especially Pam's 'cottage' section. My sister and I have purchased numerous treasures from her space..and others of course. Every Wednesday is Realtor Tour day for the Montecito, Summerland and Carpinteria area. After the tour, my treat is lunch at one of Carp's fun eateries (stoppede at the Hot Dog Stand last week) and a visit to Whimsey! Carla