Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Finds Wednesday

 Some wonders have hit the two Whimsy shops this week---and here is a bit of a sneak peek!
Above are some gorgeous hot pink knobby sea stars!
 This knot dress is the classic color combo of blue and green. Such an adorable style and look
right next to it at the fun retro bowl!
 Just in is the wonderful mid century furniture that is from Norway. We have 2 chairs and one ottoman. They fold and are very comfortable and in great shape for their age. I wish I aged so well!
 Below is an antique large mirror from Belgium. It would look great on a desk for a vanity or hung
on a wall. I picture it above a fireplace.
 Below is a great chippy Adirondack chair. Some great topiaries for your garden, too!
 Look at all this metal storage boxes. One can only imagine what they were originally used for. 
What could you use them for now? I am sure there are some creative thinkers out there!
 We have some awesome bracelets that we made from vintage belts. A steal for under ten bucks a pop!
 Love this moon light that hangs on the wall. It is very large--hard to tell, but the star is our 36 inch version,
so you get somewhat of a scale.
 Check out the vintage beaded flowers! Bring home a bouquet or make something fun with them!
 The tin candle holder is unique and love the patina on the plates! Ready for a good home!

 Vintage game wheel and dart game. Great graphics!
 These vintage floral enamel bowls would be perfect tucked into one of our vintage picnic baskets and
tablecloths and lots of yummy treats for a seaside picnic!
See you soon at Whimsy!
Open every day 11-5 ish.
Sometimes we open early and sometimes we stay open late.
We are always ready to accommodate your schedule--so if those 
hours don't work, give a call!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Vintage Fashion Friday

 Carefree vintage white blouse and drapey bouncy red vintage skirt
looking fun and oh so perfect for Summer coming right up!
 Do you have any red in your wardrobe? We have lots "in store" for you!
Head over to Whimsy for some amazing color for your vintage wardrobe
or add a little vintage to your existing wardrobe!

 This 1950's cashmere sweater is detailed in all the right places.
The tiny buttons on the back, the adorable collar and
pastel butterflies flying all over the front!
Have you ever worn cashmere?
You won't know what you are missing until you try one on!
We have plenty at Whimsy!

Special thanks to:
photography: Emily Rose James
model: Aya Noel

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Finds Wednesday

 So many new finds that are in both Whimsy shops--here are a few!
A fantastic vintage abstract from France! Love the gorgeous blues, purples and greens.
Hard to see in these pics, but this vignette is sitting on a fantastic antique farm table that is
from a nearby farmhouse that was built in the 20's!

 In the pic above, there are some cool vintage wicker encased jugs. We have a new load of sample jewelry
in and scattered through both stores!
 The folk art horseman and dragon just sold yesterday but it was too cool to not show you!
The graphics on the paper vintage potato sacks would look so fun in a kitchen or dining room!
Add some WHIMSY!
 Check out the wonderful cloche seed starters--a huge one and and a smaller version.
Below is a few of the "sample" jewelry necklaces--love the crown designs. $8 for necklaces--where else can you find such a bargain?!

 Look at the antique Happy Days Picture book! The graphics are just so vibrant and fun! 
We have Snoopy fun, too!
 A lucite cube table and a few retro Eames era chairs!
 Our seaside area is always changing. We have some gorgeous paintings and lots of decor that
would liven up any beach house!

 Such a cool vintage strawberry blouse shown with one of our bird totes.
Below is a tiny view of our massive cowboy boot collection.

 And here are the vintage pigeon trophies we have been talking about on Facebook.
By the way, we do hope  you "like" us on Facebook and check out our page!

Some great pieces coming in every day so please stop by and bring home some WHIMSY!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Vintage Fashion Friday

 Skip with us for Vintage Fashion Friday through a lovely field of Spring flowers!
Perfect dress for the warmer days ahead, this vintage mexican embroidered dress
in white cotton and colorful flowers and design embellishing the sleeveless beauty.

 Vintage hat on or off---there is no denying that this is a fun outfit!

 Next is a simple and carefree, short black button floral dress with floral design.
 Perfect for over your favorite bathing suit, or in the evening with
one of our vintage cashmere sweaters!

Stop in Whimsy soon for a look at our wonderful selection of vintage dresses, 
sweaters, coats,blouses, t-shirts, cowboy boots, shoes, purses and accessories!

Special thanks to :
photography--Emily Rose James
model: Aya Noel

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Finds Wednesday

 More gorgeous vintage quilts are in! Take a look at these beauties!
 Handmade birds by our very own Ranell have flown into her space and are hanging out by all the cool old birdhouses, of different sizes and shapes. 
 Love the vintage house that jack built! This might be cute as a repurposed lamp?!
 In the above picture, we have depression, vaseline, slag and jadeite...
 Laurinda has created some adorable dishtowels and love this bird image!
 Above is a darling lamp in Brianna's space. Love this sweet antique piece!
 Words written on one of our chalkboard is nice that the younger audience 
appreciates Whimsy!
 A rustic iron planter in the shape of a bicycle that is also a wine rack!
 Above, Gale has some antique Statue of Liberties---instant collection!
Below, Heidi is at it again, and has created recycled denim pin cushions!
 Just in, antique handpainted florals and on the reverse side you will find handwritten poetry!
 Our hand hooked pillows are in both shops, as usual. How about some lovely labs instructing your guests to Sit and Stay!?
We would love to see you at Whimsy!
Open nearly every day 11-5 ish!