Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Finds Wednesday

 Some wonders have hit the two Whimsy shops this week---and here is a bit of a sneak peek!
Above are some gorgeous hot pink knobby sea stars!
 This knot dress is the classic color combo of blue and green. Such an adorable style and look
right next to it at the fun retro bowl!
 Just in is the wonderful mid century furniture that is from Norway. We have 2 chairs and one ottoman. They fold and are very comfortable and in great shape for their age. I wish I aged so well!
 Below is an antique large mirror from Belgium. It would look great on a desk for a vanity or hung
on a wall. I picture it above a fireplace.
 Below is a great chippy Adirondack chair. Some great topiaries for your garden, too!
 Look at all this metal storage boxes. One can only imagine what they were originally used for. 
What could you use them for now? I am sure there are some creative thinkers out there!
 We have some awesome bracelets that we made from vintage belts. A steal for under ten bucks a pop!
 Love this moon light that hangs on the wall. It is very large--hard to tell, but the star is our 36 inch version,
so you get somewhat of a scale.
 Check out the vintage beaded flowers! Bring home a bouquet or make something fun with them!
 The tin candle holder is unique and love the patina on the plates! Ready for a good home!

 Vintage game wheel and dart game. Great graphics!
 These vintage floral enamel bowls would be perfect tucked into one of our vintage picnic baskets and
tablecloths and lots of yummy treats for a seaside picnic!
See you soon at Whimsy!
Open every day 11-5 ish.
Sometimes we open early and sometimes we stay open late.
We are always ready to accommodate your schedule--so if those 
hours don't work, give a call!

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