Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Finds Wednesday

 More gorgeous vintage quilts are in! Take a look at these beauties!
 Handmade birds by our very own Ranell have flown into her space and are hanging out by all the cool old birdhouses, of different sizes and shapes. 
 Love the vintage house that jack built! This might be cute as a repurposed lamp?!
 In the above picture, we have depression, vaseline, slag and jadeite...
 Laurinda has created some adorable dishtowels and love this bird image!
 Above is a darling lamp in Brianna's space. Love this sweet antique piece!
 Words written on one of our chalkboard is nice that the younger audience 
appreciates Whimsy!
 A rustic iron planter in the shape of a bicycle that is also a wine rack!
 Above, Gale has some antique Statue of Liberties---instant collection!
Below, Heidi is at it again, and has created recycled denim pin cushions!
 Just in, antique handpainted florals and on the reverse side you will find handwritten poetry!
 Our hand hooked pillows are in both shops, as usual. How about some lovely labs instructing your guests to Sit and Stay!?
We would love to see you at Whimsy!
Open nearly every day 11-5 ish!

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