Friday, May 11, 2012

Vintage Fashion Friday--at the Chocolate shop!

 This week, our shoot was at the amazing Chocolat du CaliBressan
The owner of this wonderful chocolate shop, Jean-Michel Carre, is known as the french chocolatier 
of the American Riviera!  Everyone in our town of Carpinteria is very familiar with this hot spot and 
tourists ask frequently for directions! When you are in town, don't miss it!
The gorgeous purple vintage dress, teamed up with a retro hat and thin leather belt look
stunning for any occasion, especially a trip to chocolate heaven!

 Continuing with the purple theme, we have a soft lilac vintage dress, and light tan hat.
 The detailing of this dress is stunning and soft.

 Take a pause for a cup of coffee.....wonderful vintage leather clutch! 
 Whimsy has lots of fun costume jewelry, as well as antique estate jewelry. Here is a detail of
some fun costume earrings.
 Love this vintage floral dress and fun hat.

The chocolate selection is astounding at Chocolat du CaliBressan
and the vintage clothing astounding at Whimsy!

Special thanks to:
Photographer: Emily Rose James
Model: Jos Gradstein
Location: Chocolat du CaliBressan