Saturday, March 27, 2010

slow down and see the faces

A house adorned with a zillion faces made me stop in my tracks

on the road to San Luis Obispo.

Every being on this planet is unique. No two created the same.

Please stop and think.

turning 51 with vincent, picasso, and other masters

I was supposed to have fun on February 23. I had taken the day off and Alan and I had a full day planned and celebrating my 51st was the reason for the trip to LA. But, my Dad had passed away just a month before and I spent nearly 2 weeks home with the flu, andthen got hit with a COLD,
and had jury duty during the cold from helllll.
But we went to the Getty and stared at the Masters and dreamt of a simple life with a paintbrush in one hand and a kleenex in another!

My own art inspired from a box of umbrellas outside one of the exhibits,
just in case of raining on my parade!

The snow covered mountains of Los Angeles were spectacular on the dreary February day.

I am always in awe of this particular sight at the Getty.

Why did Vincent have to leave the earth so young? No one had his way with color and stroke.

I think this lady in the painting is feeling just like me. Sick.

But, at least her nose isn't bright red and dripping like mine!

For now, I will dream of healthier days, and be thankful that I have a husband and a wonderful life and that I can look at art through teary eyes and cherish the 51 years I have been fortunate enough to walk on this cherished planet and see life through my eyes that turn everything into art.

Rest in peace, Daddy. I will love you forever.