Friday, July 15, 2011

My delicious new favorite hot spot!

Something new and FRESH has blossomed in the hood!

Tucked in the heart of Old Town Goleta is a wonderful new

addition called Goodland Kitchen.

I felt the vibe instantly. It represents everything I love. Real food from local farms

prepared nutritiously and deliciously .

The details visually also speak loud and clear to me and I asked if I could snap a few to share on

my Whimsy blog. The lemons perched in the window next to my another favorite of mine

Local products fill the artful displays....

Inviting tables welcome you to sit and relax and really enjoy the special food.

The pickles that Julia prepares are the best pickles I have ever tasted!

Seriously, the fruit infused ice water is worth going in to try!

Bottled water available too!

Have you ever had cinnamon-y beets?!

The talented women behind Goodland Kitchen--Melissa and Julia.

Love the vines and the sign banner with picnic tables to enjoy outside.

The old La Esmeralda Market has been transformed and is brimming with

culinary awakenings for everyone to enjoy!

Oh, and the chocolate chip cookies that we grabbed on our way out

that sat in this brown bag---the BEST!

Hope you can take a break and head over to 231 S. Magnolia Avenue

in Old Town Goleta off Hollister. Goodland Kitchen open for breakfast and lunch.

Check their website for days/hours.