Sunday, April 5, 2009

San Luis Obispo with Cayla --Spring Break

Behind the shops is a beautiful creek--one of downtown San Luis obispo's hidden treasures!

Cayla munching on a pickle she picked up at Old Edna's Cafe and Antiques!

Cayla and her UCLA pal, John at the Farmer's Market in SLO.

We parked by this quaint Inn on Garden Street.

Cayla was embarrassed as I snapped pics of the old painted sign unearthed on one of the buildings being retrofitted in SLO. She said I looked like "such a dorky tourist" !

Cayla relaxing at Old Edna's with the gorgeous lilacs next to the picket fence!

Thanks, my sweet daughter of 18 years. It was a pleasure to have some mother-daughter time!

Carpinteria Crate Label Tote Bags at Whimsy

My beautiful daughter, Cayla, and her best friend, Ryan, stopped by Whimsy on 7th on their way back to UCLA to pick up a tote bag so Cayla can use it to carry all those expensive text books to her Spring classes! They had Spring Break and Cayla worked at Whimsy for a few days.
Cayla is a playwriting major in the School of Film, Theater and Television at UCLA and Ryan is an acting major.

Whimsy has a great selection of Carpinteria fruit crate label tote bags, among others. All totes are $20 each and are great for farmer's market, shopping, beach trips, books!

Whimsy's Manager, my sweet friend Lori

This is one of my favorite people on the Whimsy planet. She is our manager and is such an asset to our Whimsy World. She is friendly and personable with the Whimsy customers, she is patient and creative and amazing. We are lucky to have her and we appreciate this woman more than she can even imagine. Come meet Lori! You will love her! Lori

Spring Break drive to the local hills !

Spring Break, and it had just rained the day before, so we headed up North to Los Alamos, Los Olivos, and Solvang, for a beautiful drive.
Ethan, my darling 15 year old son.

My two men .

He is checking me out, as I am checking him out.

Gorgeous vineyards at Firestone Vineyards.

Our hometown whale...of a tale

My 15 year old son, Ethan and hubby, Alan and I set out to see the whale that took up residency in the harbor for a few weeks.

We saw a few spouts...

At least we got to enjoy a gorgeous day in Santa Barbara!

Our hike with Annie,the dalmatian

My darling husband, Alan, holding the leash while I snap a few...

This is the...100 foot plus gigantic scary eucalyptus tree and our pepper tree in the foreground...

First, before we left on our daily hike with our neighbor's sweet dog, Annie, we paid a tree company to take down our other neighbor's 100 foot plus dangerous eucalyptus tree. These next door neighbors are not nice at all and refused to do anything about the menace and when the wind blows, this tree threatens our house and our lives, so after 15 years--we decided to take it down. Sorry owls and birds, but my children need to sleep in safety...

Across the street, we have the good neighbors who let me walk Annie every day!

Keep Calm and Carry at Whimsy

Whimsy is doing our part to boost the economy. We are selling "Keep Calm and Carry On" hand silk screened art by Sharon Grossman. We are offering reasonable recycled, repurposed, reused vintage finds at very good always!

Whimsy Window and What's in STORE

Whimsy on Linden Window

"Capturing Time"

Chinatown 50th on February 23rd!

Better late...than wait till I am 51! My hubby and I travelled to Chinatown in LA on my 50th birthday which was actually February 23. We thought I would find my long lost Buddha that I have been scouring for...but nope,instead we found a lovely day and an interesting photo safari. I later found my Buddhas--where else? One at a great house sale in the mountains and the other at a local yard sale.