Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Finds Wednesday

 Summer is zipping by. I mean, last night I saw 2 commercials for back-to-school.
Seriously, in July? That is depressing.

What isn't depressing is this amazing art piece from Finland above! In person it is huge  (notice the 
cool iron chair right next to it--that is for scale) Dated 1977, this art is fun and vibrant! It would certainly liven up any space. Before I brought it to Whimsy today, I had it at home, and smiled EVERY time I looked at it. Just a happy and graphically pleasing bouquet!
 Her is Cierra, who was a customer today in Whimsy. I loved her retro hairdo and glasses.
She was adorable and she tried on this adorable plaid 50's dress. I loved it with her turquoise shoes!
 Rumba anyone? Pick up this cool book for some pointers!
 Just in is this amazing  vintage Homer Laughlin set. 
Sure, not all the pieces survived all these years but plenty did!
 Above are some oversized hanging fishing floats. The capiz hanging pieces work great if you add a light inside. We have one done up as a sample. 
 Love the dream pet hippo sitting on the shoulder of this adorable 60's dress. 
One of our sample necklaces adds a little kick!
 I am a big fan of vintage packaging and graphics. We have a load of fun examples at both shops.
 Check out the vintage Salty Dog glasses and carrier. So fun and so complete!
This adorable antique Hiawatha doll from Canada is in very good condition and 
has her original box!
Below is a 50's plaid western blouse with a cute oversized troll with her vibrant pink hair!
This colorful painted vintage tray is perfect for a summer party. Love the trees!
Hope to see you this Summer! Swing by  Whimsy and say howdy! 
I have a free gift for you if you say your read
this blog post! Really, I do!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Finds Wednesday

 Whimsy is absolutely brimming at both stores with new finds and lots of fun vintage for you!

We adore the Swimming Team photo from 1934! A great group to hang on your wall!

Below is a sweet white vanity that would be perfect as a desk or laptop station.
 We have a new person in our 7th Street Whimsy and Cat's room is packed with finds!
Take a look at the 50's gown--tres chic!
Here's a closeup of some of Cat's barkcloth--she has some wonderful panels/sets!
 Our seaside room at our Whimsy on Linden has some new great furniture. Wonderful
distressed buffet and bedside table that has a high gloss finish. In person, it is stunning!

 Love the sweet 1960's Dream pets in the shop. Look at he crab with an attitude and the happy lobster!
 Aldean has some great vintage trims on spools.
 You can be a master painter, with the help of Gale's antique book and some old paint brushes!
 Look at the vivid yellow midcentury Danish tray.  It has many possibilities!
 Fun retro pyrex. In love with the dot patterns!
 Recently we were featured in our local paper and here is a snapshot they took in Whimsy!
Thanks so much for peeking and as always, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Finds Wednesday

 It is definitely Summer and we welcome all the smiling faces that come in every day to visit!
So much fun to meet folks enjoying their vacations in Carpinteria, or people stopping in on their way up or down the Coast!

We certainly have loads of new finds in both Whimsy stores! Check out the 1958 abstract painting above. Amazed at how modern a retro painting like this feels. The colors set the tone for this vignette.
Below is a classic midcentury chair that has great lines and is very comfortable, as well!
At Whimsy, you will find one of our staples is vintage seaside cottage furniture 
and a term we like to use is"Coastal Country".  
The chest below just came in today and is perfect for a beachy look.
 We  adore the "Welcome to the Seaside wood sign with the retro art.

 Our shops are brimming with vintage and antique books! They make great decor, and nice reads, too!

 You will always find Fiestaware and vintage tole trays!
 Have you ever seen our license plate pendants that Cammie makes? They are mighty popular!
 A little peek into our Seaside room!
 Love the angel wings on the classic form.
 Some great vintage bathing caps and vintage eyeglass frames!
We really look forward to meeting you and hope you will stop by and say "I saw it on the blog"!

Hope you are enjoying your Summer, too!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Please give WHIMSY a helping hand

I have this little humble simple blog in the huge world of fabulous, amazing  and extraordinary blogs (that I myself LOVE and follow).  I don't think too many people even know my blog exists, but to me, it is SO important to share my two beloved shops called Whimsy Antiques in the quaint seaside town of Carpinteria, California.

I am trying to reach out and ask for a little help---would you find a few moments to help us in the
  Country Living blog contest, pretty please?

Here is the link and honestly, it would mean so much to us---your friends at Whimsy...and all our efforts to be noticed and appreciated here in this gorgeous virtual world of creativity and visual happiness.

Here is the link to helping us:

Thank you so very much!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Finds Wednesday~~Happy July 4th!

 Here's to a Happy 4th of July, my friends!  As you glance upon this post, I am on a little trip to Cambria to celebrate my Mom's 80th birthday, What strikes me when I write that, is I recall vividly her 42nd birthday and making her a card. I remember thinking how old she was at 42, or at least that was my perception. My, how my perceptions have changed. Let's leave it at that....since I have been our of my 40's for quite a while..

Check out the vintage glider above! Let's celebrate the 4th sitting on that and sipping some mint lemonade, shall we?  The adorable motel chairs are a perfect fit to create a lovely vintage seating arrangement.
 We just put our very white bike out front of Whimsy planted with succulents in the vintage basket.
Below we added a welcome chalkboard greeting that can be changed out for any message you can think of!
 Below is a antique pantry that has all the original glass knobs.Great storage and what a fun piece!
 Love Laurinda's take on a cuckoo clock! Pink is so fun!
 Got in some terrific hand created signs. The ampersand is certainly a great "wow" piece!
 Below, is our take on a patriotic setting. Adore the chippy rustic oil can!
Another great piece is the antique chippy white chest with glass knobs. 
 Always have our popular Sit and Stay handhooked pillows! Adorable red girl's vintage dress!
 Vintage hanky pennants and fun chalk boards! Great message on this one~~
 A fun green vintage cart with a crab! We heave lots of arrows in a a great selection of colors!

 The weather in our quaint seaside town of Capinteria has been glorious and the beach is the place to be, in between trips to Whimsy and all the great shops and restaurants in town!

Both our Whimsy locations are open everyday 11-5!