Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Finds Wednesday

 Summer is zipping by. I mean, last night I saw 2 commercials for back-to-school.
Seriously, in July? That is depressing.

What isn't depressing is this amazing art piece from Finland above! In person it is huge  (notice the 
cool iron chair right next to it--that is for scale) Dated 1977, this art is fun and vibrant! It would certainly liven up any space. Before I brought it to Whimsy today, I had it at home, and smiled EVERY time I looked at it. Just a happy and graphically pleasing bouquet!
 Her is Cierra, who was a customer today in Whimsy. I loved her retro hairdo and glasses.
She was adorable and she tried on this adorable plaid 50's dress. I loved it with her turquoise shoes!
 Rumba anyone? Pick up this cool book for some pointers!
 Just in is this amazing  vintage Homer Laughlin set. 
Sure, not all the pieces survived all these years but plenty did!
 Above are some oversized hanging fishing floats. The capiz hanging pieces work great if you add a light inside. We have one done up as a sample. 
 Love the dream pet hippo sitting on the shoulder of this adorable 60's dress. 
One of our sample necklaces adds a little kick!
 I am a big fan of vintage packaging and graphics. We have a load of fun examples at both shops.
 Check out the vintage Salty Dog glasses and carrier. So fun and so complete!
This adorable antique Hiawatha doll from Canada is in very good condition and 
has her original box!
Below is a 50's plaid western blouse with a cute oversized troll with her vibrant pink hair!
This colorful painted vintage tray is perfect for a summer party. Love the trees!
Hope to see you this Summer! Swing by  Whimsy and say howdy! 
I have a free gift for you if you say your read
this blog post! Really, I do!


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