Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Finds Wednesday

 So many new finds that are in both Whimsy shops--here are a few!
A fantastic vintage abstract from France! Love the gorgeous blues, purples and greens.
Hard to see in these pics, but this vignette is sitting on a fantastic antique farm table that is
from a nearby farmhouse that was built in the 20's!

 In the pic above, there are some cool vintage wicker encased jugs. We have a new load of sample jewelry
in and scattered through both stores!
 The folk art horseman and dragon just sold yesterday but it was too cool to not show you!
The graphics on the paper vintage potato sacks would look so fun in a kitchen or dining room!
Add some WHIMSY!
 Check out the wonderful cloche seed starters--a huge one and and a smaller version.
Below is a few of the "sample" jewelry necklaces--love the crown designs. $8 for necklaces--where else can you find such a bargain?!

 Look at the antique Happy Days Picture book! The graphics are just so vibrant and fun! 
We have Snoopy fun, too!
 A lucite cube table and a few retro Eames era chairs!
 Our seaside area is always changing. We have some gorgeous paintings and lots of decor that
would liven up any beach house!

 Such a cool vintage strawberry blouse shown with one of our bird totes.
Below is a tiny view of our massive cowboy boot collection.

 And here are the vintage pigeon trophies we have been talking about on Facebook.
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Some great pieces coming in every day so please stop by and bring home some WHIMSY!

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