Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Fun in store at {WHIMSY}

Lot's of delicious vintage finds in both the shops!

Here's a quick peek at the Whimsy on Linden.

Vintage cameras always in stock! Great for decor or for using!

Check out the awesome graphics of this antique sheet music!

Got some fun tote bags, with nautical images

recycled out of coffee sacks!

A whole rack of vintage cashmere sweaters!

Hollywood vintage glitz!

Cool old bins!

An array of doll heads!

Great decor items!

Plate racks, vintage paint by numbers, cool old Schwinn!

Cool ol' colorful trims!

Copper concepts!

Vintage dresses and lots of school maps!

Stacks of vintage goodies...

Vintage advertising signs...

Vintage sign letters...........

More vintage ads and signs!


Carla said...

Hi Whimsy,
I stopped by the store last Saturday...wanted to see the wedding window. Absolutely FABULOUS! As usual found some cool stuff to take along!

Whimsy Antiques said...

Hi Carla! Thanks so much for stopping by! What did you find?

Will you be in town this weekend for the 4th of July fun? We are having a sale, too!