Friday, August 10, 2012

Vintage Fashion Friday

 Kickin' it back downtown Carpinteria, barefoot and carefree Summer--
this wonderful vintage dress is simple and lovely. Little orange flowers dance all
over this comfortable dress. Cinch the waist with a white vintage belt, and you
have a classic beauty.
 Throw on our sample jewelry at prices that will let you stock up,
 and you have completed a very fun outfit. Bracelets are $12 and 
dare I say this--hair accessories are $5!
 An adorable look from Whimsy, and styling and pricing that keep the fun going!

 Here is a vintage stunner that is perfect for a Summer wedding, as a stand out bride. It is a below the knee
gorgeous dress with details that are unique and flattering.
If  you aren't headed for the altar anytime soon, this dress is so pretty, you will want to wear it to lots of special occasions.  It has tiny rhinestone detailing, and a flattering cut. Simple elegance.

 Looks absolutely stunning with this vintage necklace from our
vintage and antique jewelry selections at both Whimsy locations.
Check back next week for more Vintage Friday Fashions. 
Whimsy has a growing collection of vintage clothing that you will love.

Special thanks to:
Model: Cassie Mae Everett


vintageandart said...

Gorgeous Summer fashion....also lovin' the owl bags below and the artists palette is divine.

Whimsy Antiques said...

I agree--swooning over that palette!