Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Finds Wednesday

 Got some pretty fun signs in Whimsy right now--some vintage and some are great reproductions.
The Raven Shoe sign is double sided, above.
 Above is a lighted arrow and we love the construction of these. Right now we are carrying the
arrows and stars, but you will love looking at our catalog, which has other cool symbols and great fonts of letters. Imagine how fun it would be to spell out your name or some other significant word and have it all lit!
 The repro sign above looks amazing. We just got them in and only have one left!
Below is my favorite, a double sided hand Garden sign!
Below is a great vintage sign---hmmm, how about some tasty boiled ham?!
 A little view into our seaside room, with that great arrow lit!

 Great burlap pillow with pigeon design.
 We have a few sets of wings! Ready to take flight?!

Check out the red arrow below near the antique japanese clock.
The sign above is a reproduction but the graphics are wonderful.
Imagine living when pies were only 23 cents. Kind of like the time when a boiled ham meal
was 51 cents! For under a dollar, what a meal you could have had!

Come check out all our new cool items at Whimsy!

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