Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Finds Wednesday

 Summer is just around the corner, and in many ways, it has already hit Whimsy!
Not just the smiling tourists that are visiting us, but the wonderful vintage finds are screaming SUMMER!
Above, is a sampling of this--from the 60's tunic, to the croquet set ready to come to your next barbeque.
 We are always on the hunt for cool signs and we have some great ones pictured here. Above, is a great
vintage enamel sign to let everyone know that you claim the space as your own!
Red and white is a sure way to pep up your decor. We love the tickets sign below!
 We love children at Whimsy and in both shops we have a great selection of finds for kiddos--like the
wonderful unique collection of antique chairs below!
 Love this over sized cart that would be so fun overflowing with flowers in your front yard!
 Wonderful collection of vintage bathing suits!
 Amazing antique typewriter would be a statement right next to your laptop---would you agree?
 Fantastic collection of vintage cookbooks. Love this Domino Sugar one--everyone can learn how to lose weight with sugar! 
 Not vintage, I know---but how can you resist American Apparel children t's and baby onesies at a mere $12 a pop?!
 With Father's Day approaching rapidly, Whimsy is stocked with gifts that any Dad would love!
This antique Philco radio/ table is perfect for Dad!

 Maybe your muscle bound father, would love a vintage sign?!
 Or, a vintage apron to barbecue in?!
 This little vignette is a bit random, but hopefully will make you smile!
3 brides and an antique cast iron elephant!
Whimsy Antiques
Open nearly every day 11-5ish!
With Summer, you are bound to find us open early and close late---come check us out in
 downtown Carpinteria!

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