Friday, April 27, 2012

Vintage Fashion Friday

 We are so excited to share the amazing photographic talents of Emily Rose James
and this shoot shows her talents, beyond belief!  I know we are showing the vintage clothing available
at Whimsy---but a huge shout out to Emily! This talented young photographer is on her way to Paris 
soon to further her education as a fashion photographer--but we will be posting many more shoots before she hits France!  Some of her work from this shoot was in PhotoVogue!

Now about the dress!  It is a gorgeous white linen button down, belted dress, which could easily be worn
as a dress or a light coat.
Love the vintage accessories pictured~~ all from Whimsy!

 The simplicity of this drape-y vintage light blue cotton dress is soft and flowing, romantic, and ideal for 
Spring and Summer wear.
 Stay tuned next Friday for more from this location with vintage attire that is stunning--along with the 
stunning photos from Emily Rose James !

Special thanks to : 
Photographer: Emily Rose James
Model: Autumn Sommers
Makeup and Hair: Celeste Jaime
Assistant: Leslie Gallant
Location/Horse: Ashley Merchant


Carla B. Reeves said...

fabulous photos...did you say they were featured in Vogue Magazine, or perhaps it was in Town & Country!

Be sure to tell your talented photographer to check on "Making Magique" on Facebook. A young woman from Santa Barbara graduated for the International University in Paris and is now working for the Company she interned for in Paris. Her name is Haleigh Walsworth. Her mother's blog is: Mom is a local photo stylist, attorney and real estate broker.

Whimsy Antiques said...

Hi Carla,
I recall you telling me that when we chatted and I did check out her blog. I will tell our photographer so she can look into to this!

So glad you appreciate the gorgeous photography!