Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Finds Wednesday~~A Sign of the Times

 We love old signs at Whimsy and always have lots scattered at both shops!
Here are a few we have at our 7th Street store aka. Whimsy on 7th.
Above is a great sign from most likely a carnival  from long ago. It is actually painted on both 
sides and is wood.
 The Dining room sign above is also on wood and would be pretty wonderful in your kitchen pointing to the dining room, or in your dining room pointing to the living room. Does everyone eat on their couches nowadays?!
 The above sign is wonderful, painted wood, and naturally aged/distressed and is 2 sided. This sign is huge!
 The old hardware sign is from the 50's and is painted metal and double sided.
I actually had this one on my back patio for years before I brought it to Whimsy!
 Love the 1970's graphics of the 7-UP sign! it is metal and definitely retro cool!
 Your guess is as good as mine on this mechanic sign. Love the wheel on the top!
 The Wrigley's sign is double sided and durable plastic. It is a classic!
 We always have these cool wood signs above! Lots of colors and lots of fun!
 Another shot of the 2 signs already described as they hang in our Whimsy on 7th!
 The above piece is wood and not technically a sign, but we had to include it for it's
awesome graphic appeal. So cool!
Whimsy loves YOU to the moon and back!

Come see us soon!


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hi Karen,
Wish I could come and see you soon!
Great collection of vintage signs. My favorite is the red Fresh Produce!
Have a great day!
Take care, Laura :)

Anonymous said...

What fantastic signs! I love the one that reads "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands."

I'd love to hang one of those in my living room.

Whimsy Antiques said...

I would love nothing more than to meet you Laura! Love the produce sign, too!

FringeGirl--I ship and have a few different sizes and colors : )