Sunday, April 22, 2012

11 questions for me!

So, it almost feels like homework(but fun homework no one is grading me on!) and since it is Sunday, and I have procrastinated till now--I will complete the "Tag, You're it" request from Stephanie at Ruby Rose--one of my all time favorite shops full of inspiration and wonderful vintage finds just up the coast in San Luis Obispo.

Stephanie answered her 11 questions and here are the one I have been asked to ponder....I will do my best! Hope you don't get too bored!

Here are the rules:

The Rules: must post the rules
....answer 11 questions the tagger posted for you
....create 11 questions to ask the people you tag ( I will get to that)
....tag 11 people (I will get to that, too)
....let them know you've tagged them (And then, I will get to that)

and here are Stephanie's questions for me:
1. Dinner party--What six people would you love to have at your table?

If I were at a fantasy dinner party (and mind you it wouldn't be one that I hosted!)--the six people I would love to be with are:
Brad Pitt (just to see if he is really as good looking as he appears on the screen--yep!), Ellen DeGeneres (I love her personality and I think it would be hilarious and I think I could be best friends with her), Bill Clinton ( I heard he is very down to earth and makes you feel like you are the most important person in the room--ok--let's see if that is true), Rachel Ashwell ( I love creative people and she started such a huge movement in my world), Carol King (I am old and I listened to her a LOT growing up), and my husband so he could share all these cool people with me!

2. Flash back to 17--What did you want to be when you grew up?

Stephanie, these are good questions!  I wanted to be an art teacher. Slam dunk. There was no other career for me. I was so inspired by my elementary art teacher and even assisted him when I was in high school--preparing for my future. But alas, I found out my senior year of college that I didn't want to do that after completing the entire program and getting my B.F.A. in art education!. I still did quite a bit of art teaching throughout my life---as a volunteer in  my children's schools and I taught photography for the Boys and Girls Clubs for a while, too!

3 What does a perfect day look like to you?

I am fortunate and grateful  to actually live a life that feels perfect most days. I wake up rested, and it is low tide. My husband and I go to our favorite secluded beach and hike in on a weekday when no one is there. The walk there is magical--and I love when it is foggy and cold--the birds are chirping, the trees are misty, the scents are fresh and invigorating, the path is perfect and then we hike down the bluffs and see our beach! We see the fields of pebbles and find tons of sea glass and sea-ramic (which are pottery shards).  When I am doing this, my mind is clear and free and I dream of great ideas and if I have a problem, I always figure it out at the beach.  My other kind of perfect day is one that I had yesterday! I went to amazing yard sales and found treasures that make me "know" that I am doing the right thing with my life. I LOVE the thrill of the hunt, and bringing the "vintage goods" to my stores!

4. Favorite movies?
I like mysteries that have me trying to figure out "who did it" or thrillers that aren't gory. All time favorites like "Sound of Music" and "Wizrd of Oz", too.  I see a lot of movies and the ones that I think about for days afterwards--that inspire me in some way are the ones I remember. I see plenty that I forget in an hour.

5. Online shop or "touch and feel" shop?
I am definitely a toucher at shops. I love thrift shops (of course) antique shops (of course), garden shops, and my favorite chain store is Anthropologie. I do buy on ETSY sometimes, and I am never disappointed.  I have to touch fabrics for clothing, though!

6. Who or what has had an impact on your life?
Having children had a huge impact on me. All the stages. The challenges (of which there have been so many and still are) are really life changing. My son has Crohn's Disease and when he went to a camp for kids with Crohn's and he realized he wasn't alone--and this changed his world --it also had a HUGE impact on me. I realized my other calling was to be a facilitator for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation and I lead a support group and I am extremely involved with CCFA. I love helping people.

7. I have a 16 year old--What advice would you give her now that you can look back on that age?
Have fun and play every day. Don't take anything too seriously, especially relationships with boys. 
8. What would surprise us to know about you?
I not only run my 2 Whimsy stores, but I started a photography business 35 years ago, that we still have today!

9. What five things would you grab if your house was burning down?
my sea glass marbles, family photos, a few jars of sea glass, not much more...

10. Do you blog daily, weekly, monthly? What do you do when there is a lack of inspiration?
I do a twice a week regular blog post ---New Finds and Vintage Fashions.  This schedule keeps me hopping--it is a LOT of work but fun. I love the virtual world and so much I need to learn.

11. Fly or drive to a vacation?
LOVE road trips--and the ease and comfort of driving...but it has been too long since I have actually had a vacation and I am READY! I want to get on an airplane and go somewhere I have never been, which is a lot of places--like the whole world!


Carla B. Reeves said...

Hi Karen,
Love your answers. I am actually not surprised that you studied art! Your store very much reflects your creativity. Sorry to hear about your son's health issues. I can imagine how hard that is for a young person to deal with....AND for you and your husband as parents to see your child suffer. He must be pretty smart to have chosen such pro-active and kind parents!

Whimsy Antiques said...

Thanks Carla for your support! Your kindness and sincerity means the world to me--always!