Sunday, August 14, 2011

Whimsy visits Lindsey and Joey Hickson's vintage Bungalow

Meet Charlie--he is the happiest pup in Carpinteria!

He has a pretty fine home, but wait till you see his owner's abode...
So exciting, that Whimsy's best customers{Lindsey and Joey Hickson} invited us in to see how they furnished their 1914 Craftsman Bungalow that is listed in
"Carpinteria Bungalows and Distinctive Homes" book.

Love the vintage dining table from Whimsy with the mismatched chairs.

The seaside cottage has so much character, with a basement(that used
to be used for wine making back in the day) to a great laundry room with
the original cement sink. Reminds me of the one we salvaged years ago
and sold in Whimsy!

Their craftsman bungalow oodles charm and has been preserved with integrity.

This nook was put together by the Hickson's with more Whimsy finds.

The vintage hutch with original chippy paint

from Whimsy has found the perfect home. Here's a view of dining and living room. The floors have been restored to their

original glory. Love the tall ceilings!

Here is a potting table Alan made out of recycled materials.

How perfect that Lindsey and Joey are using it in their kitchen!

More original potting tables are in both the Whimsy shops.

Check out the seaside hooks from Whimsy (above),

and the wine holder from Whimsy (below).

A wonderful rustic coffee table from Whimsy completes the Hickson's living room.

A cute picture holder in the laundry room holds

memories of the Hickson family!

Thank you--Joey, Lindsey and Charlie!

Love the mix of modern and vintage...such a fun home!


Michele said...

Isn't it fun to see where your little chicks have found their new homes? Loving the home Lindsey & Joey are creating for themselves with so many of your "little chicks".

Whimsy Antiques said...

Hi Michele,
Yeas--I love seeing fun stuff in their home from my shops--so rewarding! Where on the Cape are you? I spent many weeks there growing up! I am from Mass. : )