Thursday, August 18, 2011

Whimsy selling on Etsy! And 2 features for WHIMSY

click on the photo above to go to the driftwood treasury

We are proud to announce that we have officially started selling on Etsy,

and we were so pleased that we were included in two featured treasuries which

you can browse at above and below....

click on the photo to go to the romance treasury

Hope you will check our Etsy offerings

(VINTAGE and our own WhimSea Originals)


And we will always have our famous A,B, Seas so we can ship to you

whenever you want!


Michele said...

Welcome to ETSY - hope you love it! Congrats on your Treasury features - such fun! Loving everything you are showing - we may need to talk.

Whimsy Antiques said...

We are just beginners selling on ETSY. Any pointers? Yes, I think we have a lot in common!