Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Purple suede boots, vintage green gliders and more FUN at Whimsy!

How about some amazing purple suede boots?
Come check out our latest addition on Linden~
a vintage fashion room!

The ever present "colors" you will find in Whimsy!

Amazing selection of vintage cannisters right now to suit most styles...

glass, metal, ceramic or handpainted pottery!

A lovely vintage green, chippy glider from the 1930's!

Come check out the FUN at Whimsy Antiques, we have in store for you!


Elizabeth Maxson said...

I LOVE those boots! What size are they? And where in the world did you get them?

Whimsy Antiques said...

Hi Elizabeth,
They are size 8 and a 1/2. The color in person is even better.
Shall I ship them to you? : )

Have a relaxing wonderful weekend!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Just my size!!!
Hi Karen....Your shop is amazing! It is just the kind of place I could get lost in for hours. I love your eclectic window display...it draws you in with all those fun elements. It really appeals to the treasure hunter part of my soul! Now if only I didn't live on the wrong coast! I have added your blog to my favs as I hope to follow along and be inspired by your creative ideas! Happy Weekend! :)

Brushed By An Angel said...

Karen, your displays are so appealing. Wish I could visit the store but I live on the other coast - Gulf Coast. So I will have to visit through your photos. (Love the boots!)

Junk Evolution said...

I just found your sight thru Eliz House, I'm in love w/the owl purse-pls give me the details and price!
You have a great shop!


Whimsy Antiques said...

So exciting to have a few of you peeking at my blog! I am relatively new to the blogging world and love looking at everyone's creativity throughout the world! Thanks Elizabeth for giving Whimsy a little limelight! Your creativity is awe inspiring!

The boots....you all will never believe this...SOLD today! They are actually going to be worn dancing!

The owl purses are very popular, and run $89 and all handmade! I can ship one to you Char!

Glenda said...

Karen, Loved your window display that was featured over at Elizabeth's. I enlarged every picture hoping to see more inside the window. :) Your display did the job. I became a follower today, I'll return soon!!!