Friday, August 13, 2010

{On the Way to the Yard Sale}

It sounded like the sales I dream of...

In a barn, generations of treasures, ...finally being sold.
It was actually just a few miles away, but down a street I never venture.
A flower {seed} farm was on the same lovely country road.

The Barn was not so easy to find, but on the property I snapped some pics to give you an idea of how my inner-dealer-hunter-gatherer-gal with the vivid imagination- self was simply ready to find this treasure barn and start digging!
What, a lake on the property?! Am I still in Kansas? I mean Santa Barbara!

Remnants that sparked my interest and enthusiasm even more...

This property was seriously gorgeous!

I loved how the 50's yellow dining set was hanging out in one of the gazebos.

Do you see the old structure hiding under the sea of life?!

And another exhibit that struck my country heart.

Oh, you want to know about the sale. I have to say I was so disappointed that I didn't snap one measly picture. Nope. There was nothing. A college guy stored his old junk, and I do mean junk in the barn, which ranged from plastic hampers to ripped towels. No Whimsy worthy treasures there.... but it was well worth the trip!

And, a girl has to dream!

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Carla said...

Very cool post. Love, love, love the pictures!!!