Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ventura Flea Market

Take a quick browse with me as we scope out the

Ventura Flea Market that happened today, June 20th on Father's Day ! It is a bittersweet day for me, as this is my first Father's Day I don't have my father anymore, but it is special to be with my hubby and father of our 2 super teenagers.

Wait, do those 2 words go together--super + teens... Hmmm... ? This adorable rabbit was resting on a tree ready for the hunt!
It reminds me of the one hanging out in our backyard near the apple tree.

Loved all the game pieces..

The seaglass was very appealing,
but I prefer to find mine on the beach one piece at a time..

We really enjoyed the old cool graphics on the game boxes!

I gravitate to the kids toys of yesterday. Love the colors and graphic appeal.

The little painted stools were fun all stacked up in all thier glorious colors!

The monochromatic pallete is also refreshing.
Flea Markets are just the best for people like us, who love JUNK !

Please visit Whimsy Antiques soon to see the amazing finds

we scored on today to share with you!


Carla said...

Wish I'd gone to the Ventura Flea Market today! How often is it? Stopped by your store on Wednesday (after making the new listing rounds in Carpinteria and Montecito). Can't resist...I always find something very cool.
In checking my blog reading list today I noticed that you also just did a post on Alice Keck Park's Garden. Isn't it a gorgeous spot? I happened to stop by to take picture last week. Tell us about the Ventura Flea Market.
Your fan Carla

Whimsy Antiques said...

Hi Carla! The next flea market in Ventura is Sept. 26. It is at the Fairgrounds and run by R.G. Canning. Yes, I have always loved Alice Keck Park's Garden!
Thanks for stopping in, hope to be at Whimsy next time you stop in :)