Wednesday, June 23, 2010

our humble whimsy abode

Whimsy customers often ask us if our house is like our shops...

Here's a tiny glimpse into our lil' home and yes friends, our house is full of Whimsy !
It's not that we are big fans of CAKE (well, carrot cake is definitely on the radar)--
but we discovered that the first letter of each of our names spelled CAKE and soon that was a theme we used in many rooms...

Here's a boot that never made it into the shops, but many of our finds certainly do !

A common love of decor for me is "painted wood". I love original painted wood and if it's
chippy, I am a big fan. My son always teases me about finding "chippy garden gates in seaside blue". If I did, I would hit the jackpot, in my world of original paint!

Collections of wood skittles is found on my mantle.

The crow was added recently and seemed to find a great home.

Love old mirrors that are far from perfect... and I have several bird collections.

Vintage children's chairs are one of my faves...

Can't say we live in a mansion or even a dreamy seaside cottage, but

we surround ourselves with vintage treasures that make it home.

And, we practice what we preach...LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE

(just like on the prints at Whimsy)!

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