Monday, February 28, 2011

The new FUN Winter Blues

Let's start with some orginal vintage oil portraits in colors that
are vibrant and inspiring when hung together as a collection.
We are talking statement here.
Pop into Whimsy for some eye popping inspiration to

chase away any winter doldrums!

Our color infusion will awaken your senses and

take you to a very happy place : )

How about thes vintage koi paintings. Oversized and painted on metal.

Surely would look amazing in your beach house.

This turquoise buffet lasted only a few short days in the shop, but be on the lookout for

some amazing vintage pieces we are bringing in soon. They will be equally inspiring!

Check out this adirondack--has a built-in foot rest!
Whimsy can help "POP" your wardrobe too!

Our owl bags are a must!

Vintage yellow chairs, anyone? Cheerfully displayed with some

retro movie posters and some fun pillows!

This HUGE "R" is FUN beyond words!
Who says Winter has to be white?!


Carla said...

Love all the paintings...wish I had room for some of them. I love the vintage paintings I have already purchased from Whimsy on Linden. What happened to the gorgeous Rose painting?

Whimsy Antiques said...

The rose painting sold from the window....I will let you know next time we get another cool vintage rose one. Do you like other florals or just roses?