Monday, January 17, 2011

Live What You Love

After a few months of a big advertising campaign locally using of one of Whimsy faves-
"Live what you Love"
in our ads, we did a simple window to honor our ads.
Simply stated, it was whites, woods and nuetrals.
I found a great antiques poster out there in blogland and made a timepiece poster to honor
the saying which you can see in these pics.
The time to buy antiques is when you see them.
I guess people got the messages we were quietly trying to convey, and soon
things from the display vanished pretty quickly.
I hope you are spending your time on this great planet and surrounding
yourself with treasures that "speak" to you.
I look around at my home, and even though many of my vases have chips,everything seems less than perfect, and my treasures are estate and flea market finds, I honestly love everything I live with. I am living what I love--my vignettes makes me happy to look at and
bring a special feeling of contentment.
Visit Whimsy soon and pick up a few amazing pieces that will help you enjoy your space.


Carla said...

Great post and terrific window display soooo representative of your wonderful and whimsical stores!

Whimsy Antiques said...

Aw thanks Carla! Windows will be changing this week, I am hoping. A Valentine's flair should be gracing the windows if all goes as planned. Hope it isn't 100 degrees the rest of the week!

Jem said...

'The time to buy antiques is when you see them'

How true that is!! It is so bittersweet the way a piece you love can vanish if you're not quick off the mark.

Jem x