Thursday, July 29, 2010

beautiful boy of mine

A day before Ethan was to go to Camp Oasis at the Painted Turtle , we had some mother/son time at one of our mutual favorites in Summerland--The Sacred Space.
I can be stressed to the hilt, but when I enter the door, I find myself soothed by the music and ambiance and all the visual splendor of this place. The energy is positive in every way possible.

Ethan decided to read some journal entries, before we added our own.

The peacefulness of the outdoors is inspiring and I think he
says he "could live here" every time we visit.

Crystals and flowers and color everywhere....

Grapes growing from the eaves were a special sight to take in this time...

From the gift shop looking out---imagine a view from your home that was this perfect...

Thank you , son. I am glad we share the same definition of peace and beauty.

I hope you have a great week at Camp.

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