Saturday, May 16, 2009

Whimsy visits Renee and Gordon Werner's Magical Abode

Who knew that a delivery to a Whimsy client could be so magical? As you scroll through the photos, you will see the amazing property that the Werner's have created near Butterfly Beach in Montecito, California. We appreciate Renee allowing us to capture her creativity and sharing with the world via our Whimsy Antiques blog....

We started the shoot with the most delicious ice tea that Renee prepared in her stunning kitchen. Although I have never been to France, I felt like I was right in Paris! Renee and Gordon lived in Paris for a while and have their home and garden filled with french antiques.

Her recipe was from New Orleans, where Renee also has a home, and lived there for over 30 years.

I was pleased to see a stool the Werner's purchased from Whimsy fitting in so nicely!

Yes, that is a trumpet vine trunk that is alive and well in the kitchen with a hole in their wall leading outside to their gardens.

Every direction I looked, there was a photo waiting to be taken. Renee has a natural gift and her keen artistic eye is evident both inside and outdoors where her talents are bountiful.

A term Renee has coined is "Less than perfect" and it's meaning is found in an elegant room, with tattered antique leather bound books. Books not in pristine condition, yet the visual appeal is amazing and "less than perfect". Rachel Ashwell is known for "Shabby Chic"; Renee Werner is the queen of "Less than Perfect". (This term is officially copyrighted 5/2009)

Wisteria from the garden highlights a breathtaking still life of antiques.

An antique painter's easel from Whimsy Antiques finds a perfect place holding a vintage oil.

I loved the whimsical nature of this grouping! Of course I would !

Notice the artful placement of the silky fabric that mimics the folds of the woman's dress in the painting. Renee's "eye" never stops!

A lovely photo of Renee and Gordon placed in a "less than perfect" frame.

Antique leather bound books are art, themselves.

A collection of antique oils in one of the bedrooms. They work so well without frames.

Notice the birdbath as a bedside table? It is filled with lavendar!

One of my favorite still lifes in the home was this paint brush collection. Must be my BFA in Art education background...

The iron metal window fram was shipped from New Orleans, as were many architectural pieces within the home, including walls in the living room!

The outdoors is breathtaking, and Renee's gardening talents are inspiring.

Even in the outdoors, Renee's placement is impeccable.

Her magic is felt on every inch of her garden and home. She is a sweet and modest woman who has talents beyond words or photos can convey.

Thank you Renee, Gordon and Bittersweet !

Bittersweet, sleepily saying goodbye!


FitToSeeJane said...

I loved this post. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into this talented client's home.

Whimsy Antiques said...

Thanks so much! It is truly a beautiful place--i wish I could move in..or pitch a tent in the garden!

Karen : )