Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our Whimsy Family...

We'd like to introduce you to Gale.

She is one of our wonderfully talented and valued vendors here at Whimsy.

We've asked her a few questions and she graciously agreed to be interviewed for us!

Whimsy ~ What is your decorating style at home?

Gale ~" We live in a 1920's Spanish Style home. We have tried to keep to the style of that time with vintage lighting and warm wood tones. I surround myself with pieces I love and that make me feel good"

Whimsy ~ What do you like to bring to your Whimsy Clients?

Gale ~ " I like to bring a lot of variety from different eras. I'm always thrilled when they love an item especially one that is like what their parents or grandparents owned."

Whimsy ~ What is your philosophy regarding using Antiques in today's world?

Gale ~ "I think that it is wonderful to reuse antiques. Almost everything in my house is preowned and I always wonder who had it before, and how they used it. I find the quality of the older thing far surpasses present day items. Reuse of items is more important today than ever with space at such a premium."

Whimsy ~ Thank you Gale!

Please check back soon to meet more of our Whimsy family.

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